A good friend and very smart former TV colleague wrote for advice today. He said he was so disgusted by both candidates and that in light of recent WikiLeaks about the Clintons he was thinking of not voting for either presidential contender and voting only for down-ballot candidates. He asked if I thought that made sense. Here is what I told him.

For one thing, I have no idea about the veracity of the WikiLeaks material. I can tell you that a lawyer friend of mine said NONE of it would be admissible in court because there is ZERO chain of custody and it was obtained illegally and possibly altered.

More to the point, though, ALL politicians are sleaze bags in one form or another. If you look back at Jefferson he slept with a slave and had a child with her, Kennedy was a horn dog, LBJ had his dalliances and out-and-out lied to us about Viet Nam. Nixon was well,  Nixon. As  POTUS, Bill Clinton was pretty good. He made his share of mistakes, but when he left office we had a surplus and he had not screwed up any important relationships abroad.

The Clintons made so much money from their books and their speeches that taking a plane ride or getting a hotel room on the cuff was really nothing in the greater scheme of things. The millions they have, they made legitimately. The ratings for the Clinton Foundation equal that of the Red Cross and United way. 88 cents on the dollar go to the intended charity.

Bottom line, Trump is routinely called a psychopath. Literally. He MUST not be elected. MUST not be elected. The only way to prevent that is to vote for Hillary. She will not further weaken the economy, she will likely fix the ACA, she will give a damn about the less fortunate (Bernie will see to that), she is truly experienced on the world stage and commands respect, not snickers. As for her conniving BS, I really don’t care. I am aware of it and I don’t care. As someone said, you don’t have to like her. You can be sure that Trump is nuts and will mess up not just this country, but the world. He is mentally ill. He is easily taunted by tweets. Imagine what Kim Jongun, Duterte, Putin, alAsaad et al can do!

Sorry, but I will hold my nose and vote for her and hope you will as well. As for down ballot people, I will vote straight Democrat, which I don’t always do.  But in this case, until Trump is defeated and the White House is off his radar, I worry hourly about what kind of horrific mess he well create within days of sitting in the Oval Office. By Executive Order alone, he can begin to erode too much that is too important. We also have NO knowledge of what his relations have been or are now with Putin. Cannot risk that. That worries me far more than the WikiLeaks.

Finally, just look at who supports Trump and more importantly, look at who does NOT support trump. Not a single past POTUS! Look at all the people of stature, all the major newspapers that are supporting HRC. Even Republicans, like Colin Powell, have decided she is the best choice of the choices we have.

In sum, too many people died for our right to vote to throw out our vote either by not using it or using it in a manipulative way to target someone else. Until we clean house and set Congressional term limits and can get 535 people into the Congress who are there to do good and not line their pockets, don’t expect better on the Executive side.

So for now, vote for the one who will appoint the better SCOTUS justices, who will keep the economy stable, who will keep the markets stable by not doing crazy things to satisfy a teeny ego; vote for the person who will represent us well on the world stage; close an eye to the bullshit. It is everywhere. Not right, I know, but a fact of life. Yes, it is one that must be acknowledged and watched, but not used as the sole reason for NOT casting a vote or casting a “bank shot vote” aimed at someone else losing.

Long winded but I trust clear.