nothing3While Donald Trump and the GOP chill the champagne and Democrats clutch their pearls, from the vantage point of my suburban New York TV room, I think I know what’s going on here and it’s nothing.

The NY Times notes New emails tied to the F.B.I.’s Hillary Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting. Yes, exactly.

We know that these emails in question were not written by Hillary. We also know that Hillary aide Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, likely had access to that email server.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that in the context of reviewing the Weiner sexting case, investigators found some emails from Abedin to Weiner and perhaps from Weiner to Abedin having nothing to do with government business.  “Feed the baby. Take out the trash. Buy some milk.”  You get the point.

I will further go out on that limb and say that FBI Director James Comey, in an abundance of caution, released this information as it had something/anything to do with the Clinton server. Did he have political motives? You decide.

What we will find, in the fullness of time, and that better be quick with just 11 days till the election, is that this had nothing to do with Hillary at all, save the use of the server. And that server has already had her sing the Mea Culpa refrain over and over. We know, she knows, and we know that she knows that it was a bad idea from day one and she regrets having set it up.

So now what? Well now we hope that the GOP is not able to make hay out of what clearly is not grass. Had this been something of consequence, I would have been happy to look at it and rethink my support of Hillary. But as far as I can tell right now, it’s not and so I won’t.

Happy weekend?

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