Like many, I feel powerless in the current election cycle. If I were still on the air, I might have some chance to make a difference with some tough interviews. Instead, I write here. The big day is here. Please read, absorb and share. Then do the right thing. 

notrumpThis is the LAST political comment I will publish before the election.  I want to be clear that my vituperative posts regarding Donald Trump in no way are intended to cast aspersions on the GOP as we knew it. Some of the smartest and best people in this country were and are Republicans. Perhaps one day we will go back to some sanity and a system where different points of view can be tolerated by all sides and where, perhaps, bits and pieces of each point of view can be melded into a framework that benefits us all, not into an environment where disagreement leads to gridlock and stalemate.

That said, there is NO way anyone can countenance the candidacy or the election of Donald Trump. His candidacy is not about improving America , it is about improving his self esteem, his own vision of himself. He is the synthesis of all that is wrong in our country and all that is wrong with the world. He is the end product of the dumbing down of America. He is the end product of a society that quietly closes an eye and winks at gay jokes and on-going discrimination, a society in which all too many people still use the “N” word to describe a president who is likely smarter and better educated than 99.7% of the nation. Trump is the end product of a society in which the freedom of speech is misunderstood to include bullying, race bating, hatred and pathological lying.

And let us be clear. There is nothing wrong with the sentiment among so many Republicans that it is time for an outsider to be brought in to Washington. But must that outsider also be a racist, misogynist, homophobe, liar, admitted philander and accused rapist with more than 5 business bankruptcies on the books and 75+ lawsuits against him pending? Is this the best outsider there is? Not yet our president, he has already failed as a person

The Founding Fathers would look at Donald Trump and likely tell you HE is precisely what they were trying to get away from when they came here, that HE is precisely why they carefully crafted a Constitution to outlaw the very behaviors that HE perpetrates on an hourly basis.

We cannot and most not elect Donald Trump, not because he is a Republican, but because he is a clear and present danger to the United States, to its economy, to its decency and to its way of life.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because he lies about everything including his intentions and because his statements are not borne out by his deeds. He claims to want a strong military, yet he mocks the very men and women who have served so nobly, while he stayed home with multiple bogus 4F classifications.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because his words and deeds fly in the face of the Bill of Rights. He eschews a free press, he tries to silence those who disagree with him. He speaks of jailing his opponent. He misunderstands and misapplies the right to bear arms and so on, amendment by amendment.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because he remains a mystery to us. We have no idea of how much money he has earned, how much tax he has paid, what debts he might have to governments foreign and domestic, and we have no clarity on just where his allegiance lies.

In sum, regardless of his opponent, Donald Trump is unfit morally, ethically, intellectually and politically to assume the highest office in the land.

The GOP had ample chance to produce a candidate who might have provided viable competition to the Democrats. There were several GOP candidates, though not my first choice for the White House, with whom I could have lived comfortably, disagreeing perhaps with their ideas, but not with their decency or their humanity.

Take a moment to think today and tonight. Look at where we are on the world stage, look at how far we have come and how much we have to lose if we elect a vacuous, sleazy, side show barker from reality TV.

Donald Trump is a man, who at the very least, disrespects women and minorities of every kind. He flip flops on issues as the spirit guides him. We truly do NOT know what he supports or what he believes in. It depends on his audience at the moment and how his comments will reflect on the egg shell that is his ego.

In the minds of many trained and learned mental health professionals, Donald trump is unstable and certainly unpredictable. The damage he can do to our economy, our international standing, our ability to negotiate with allies and enemies, it’s all on the table And NO, he will NOT make American great again. He will make America a liability and a risk to all with whom we interact and to ourselves here at home.

We are better than that. We are smarter than that. We are Americans and it’s time we remembered that and acted on it.

As MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says, “This election is a pass/fail intelligence test.”  Will you pass?