griefDonald Trump will be the next president of the United States. This is especially troublesome when this loud, bombastic, dishonest, thoughtless, crude nobody is compared to the grace, the poise, and the elegance that is Barack Obama.

Losing is never pleasant. But while many of us lost an election, we will not have lost everything, if we remember who we are, what we are all about and what we strive to be. Donald Trump cannot force us to be less than we are. He cannot force us to hate, force us to discriminate, force us to dumb down, force us to be anything we don’t wish to be.

We will be down in the dumps for a few days, but we must rise up, redouble our efforts to always do the right thing. Always eschew violence, hatred, discrimination in any form; eschew that which you know is wrong, which you know is not what you stand for and who you are. Donald Trump cannot do anything to you unless you allow him to.

In that context, make an extra effort to be kind to the less fortunate, the elderly, the sick, the emotionally and financially troubled. And make an extra effort to align yourself with local lawmakers who share your ideology and thoughts. Get involved in their work, volunteer at their offices, speak up on-line and in public. The loss of control you feel now, the sense of loss you feel now will go away, will get better, but the best way to speed that along is to get involved.

To my minority friends, my LGBTQ friends, women, people who rely on public health care assistance, I am sorry. I am sorry that America has apparently failed you. But we will manage, we will do better and indeed, we shall overcome this setback. Keep the faith.

Of course this is simplistic and somewhat shallow, but it made me feel better writing it; perhaps it will have made you feel better reading it.