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Someone sent me an email with a friend’s thoughts on what this election was all about. I disagreed so vehemently, I decided to offer up what I think this election was really all about.

  • This election was the culmination of 8 years of racists despising every moment Barack H. Obama  occupied the White House. We elected a Black man, and then from day one, sought every way possible to thwart his success, question his birth and weaken his standing.
  • This election was the culmination of certain men AND certain women fearing strong, smart women … men fearing emasculation, women fearing other smart women because they might show them up.
  • This election was about people afraid of giving the LGBT community a chance to be part of us. It was about fear of those who are different, rather than embracing what about them is the same.
  • This election was about gun nuts worried that they might not be able to carry their .45 calibre penises on their belts in full view.
  • This election was about fearing those of other nations who have different beliefs, customs, clothes and religions. And then translating that fear into hateful actions against them.
  • This election was about trying to fault someone for jobs lost to technology, jobs that can never be reclaimed, no matter who is in power.
  • This election was about the haves, the haves less and the have nots. But what was not clear to the Trump supporters is that people like me, better off than my parents, will not see my children better off than me. We are all in the same boat. The globalization of our economy has caused profound changes that are not so easily solved.
  • This election was about seeking excuses to be mediocre, to be dumb, to be ignorant, to trash the intent of the Constitution, to hate, to reach deep in the soul and find the worst of one’s self and then put it on display.
  • This election was about avenging 9/11, still. Avenging it in pseudo-patriotic, jingoistic ways that can only perpetuate the very hatred for America that caused 9/11 in the first place.
  • This election was about America taking way too many steps backwards and dimming the light on the future.

As President Obama so elegantly said Wednesday, he will work with President-elect Trump to insure the orderly transfer power. I know that the Obama staff will do its best.

As for President-elect Trump, I can only hope that he is like me. I was never hired for a job I actually deserved. From my first commercial radio job in 1968, to my anchor job at ABC Radio in 1978, to the anchor slot at CNBC in 1989, I should never have been hired. I was not ready. And yet, I always grew into the job and ended up doing it well.

I trust that our soon-to-be new president, who already struck a more dignified tone on election night, will also grow into a job for which he was not qualified. He must and we must support that effort.

Your thoughts are welcome below.