menschIf Trump is a mensch, there are a few things he needs to do right now, this minute, today, before the new week starts. I don’t think he will do them because I don’t think he is a mensch and I don’t think the people around him are smart enough to know what he ought to do, or decent enough to suggest that he do them. But here goes, anyway.

Many people are walking around in a daze. Many people are feeling sick, disgusted, afraid, disenfranchised and uncertain. Many people are feeling angry, lost, worried, dejected and detached. Many people are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and safety pins on their clothes to say “hey, you’re safe with me, I’m OK, you needn’t worry about me.”

Some people are marching, protesting, and in some unfortunate and illegal cases, rioting and causing damage. Many people are fighting on social media, getting into pitched battle on-line, arguing with total strangers! I’ve done it, I am sad to admit. Perhaps you have too. And it all needs to stop. Now!

If Trump is a mensch, he will put a stop to this right now and he will do that by stepping up and being a leader, being a unifier and setting a tone other than some spurious tweets about who called him to congratulate him and what newspaper is failing.

If I were consulting Trump and if Trump is a mensch, he would tell people that he looks forward to being the President of ALL the people. That he in no way condones violence, by anyone, on either side, for any reason.

If Trump is a mensch, he will tell law-abiding illegals with no police records, that they need not worry about immediate deportation, that they can calm their terrified selves and children and assure them that mommy and daddy are not going away.

Likewise, if Trump is a mensch, he can tell the thousands of gay couples who are legally married and those with legally adopted children, that it is not his intention to break up their families. He can tell the sick and the poor that he will look out for them, that he will remember them and bring them along as he attempts to “make America great again.” He will tell these people that no law-abiding person living in America, regardless of color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation will be shuned and that he is aware of them, hears them and will make sure the law protects them equally.

If Trump is a mensch, he will tell those who paint swastikas on buildings, who unfurl Confederate flags and other hateful and hurtful signs, that he will not tolerate it and that these people do not speak for him, his party or his nation. He also needs to tell those opposed to him that their protests are duly noted and now need to stop while his administration begins the hard work of transition.

If Trump is a mensch he will realize that many of the people who voted for him did so because they are already unhappy, upset, worried, anxious and concerned. He needs to quell those worries with kind words and an open heart.

At the height of the Depression, FDR did not yell at people, brag about himself and demean others. He offered words of strength and courage and wisdom.

AND if Trump is a mensch, he will assuage the concerns of Jews, like his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. He will promise that his choice for WH strategist of Steve Bannon, a published anti-Semite, will be reviewed and reversed. He is unfit!

If Trump is a mensch he will do all this and more to impress upon those who did and did not vote for him, that all will be well and that we are all in his thoughts and will not be left behind. Donald J. Trump needs to transition immediately from candidate and campaigner to leader and President-elect. If Trump is a mensch.

What do you think?