we-the-peopleMy fellow Americans. It has been a long and arduous battle for me and all of us to get where we are today. But we have won. The Executive branch and both chambers of Congress will now be controlled by the Republicans. And I understand that this is making a lot of people very concerned that their voices will not be heard. And I have seen some very upsetting attempts by members of my own party to display what they think is support for me and my team. So let me clarify a few things.

Hillary Clinton and I ran against each other based on some very key issues. The economy, national security, foreign relations, etc. And we each have our own ways of trying to fix what ails us. BUT, let me be clear to those of you who support me,  I do NOT condone hatred, bias, crimes against minorities, foreigners or people of other faiths and beliefs. I do not condone hateful graffiti, verbal assaults on minorities or women. I do not condone the nasty tone and tenor of on-line comments that encourage hatred and violence. It must stop NOW!

This nation of ours has been great for the last 240 years, not because of the things that divide us but because of what makes us the same. If you think for one moment the Trump administration will sit still and be quiet when it sees hate speech, patently discriminatory comments or bullying of those who might be weaker or fewer in number, you have chosen the wrong person to lead you and you have assumed I would tolerate it. Wrong!

Yes, I have different ideas about how to move America forward, but hatred, bias and bullying will not be found along that path. We will move America forward by hearing each and every voice and then deciding what is best for our nation; but hearing and listening is key.

Friday night Vice President-elect Pence attended the Broadway show “Hamilton.” At the end, the cast spoke from the stage and asked that he and I hear them, that we make sure that equal rights for all will be cherished and protected. And I want to say from the bottom of my heart,  we hear you, we understand you and we will protect you. Whether you wear a business suit or a kaftan, a yarmulke or a hijab, we see you, we cherish your differences and we will protect your rights.

Give us a chance to set up our team, to draft our plans and to get busy doing the people’s work. You will see that we have ALL Americans in mind and we will protect your each and every right under the Constitution because that is what Americans do and that is what we are sworn to do and that is what we will do.