leaveBurt Bacharach and Hal David (no relation to this writer) wrote a song called “Knowing When to Leave” back in the 60s. One of the lines was, “knowing when to leave can be the smartest thing that anyone can learn.” In the case of Donald Trump, learning and smart do not apply. And it is time for him to leave.

It’s been just about two months now since America was forced to inaugurate to the highest office in the land, arguably one of the dumbest, sleaziest, most dishonest and least capable people ever. We did this because the voters, in their zeal to get rid of any vestige of a successful, elegant, occasionally flawed and compassionate black president, and in their zeal to elect someone who would promise them the moon and deliver not even green cheese, ignored all the hand writing on the wall.

So where are we now, two months in? We have a health care bill that is nothing like what was promised and will deprive truly needy people of what they need. We have an administration that will increase military spending to the detriment of the environment, the nutritional needs of our nation’s elderly, the education of our children and our general well being. But, much of that, indeed, most of that, is negotiable in Congress.

What is not negotiable is that we have elected a man who is clearly unbalanced. We have seen this before in Toronto with former mayor, the late Rob Ford. Maine has a governor, Paul LePage, who some say is certifiable. He says it routinely with his racist pronouncements.  We are seeing it in North Korea with Kim Jong-Un. And I have a question or two about the sanity of the Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte. Oh and Bashar al-Assad in Syria is another one of questionable sanity. Actually, no. He is nuts.

So what about Donald Trump? He is clearly a pathological liar incapable of civil discourse and separating his own pathological needs from those of the nation. In a petulant display of pique during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 17th, Trump made it obvious he is not just uncomfortable on the world stage, but he is an amateur, coated in flop sweat and self-doubt.

WE THE PEOPLE cannot have this. And thus it is time for him to leave. BUT, who knows this? I fear many, many people know this. Not just Democrats. I suspect many Republicans know this too. But it seems not many in positions that matter, have the guts to step up, speak out and be heard.

So let me encourage you all to contact your members of Congress. Call your Representives. Call your Senators. Tell them it is time for him to leave. And since Trump does not know it is time to leave, it is time to tell him to leave. It is time to impeach.

I don’t think Mike Pence is anyone most of us want to see in the Oval Office. And if he was complicit in Trump’s chicanery, then he too must leave. But if not, then at least it will remove this colossal mistake from the Oval Office and the World Stage.

Think about it. Haven’t you seen enough? Do you require any more craziness before you too decide it is time for him to leave?  This noble experiment of putting a sleazy, failed businessman and TV host into the White House might have worked had Donald Trump risen to the occasion. But hey. Donald Trump cannot. Like Popeye, he is what he is and that’s all that he is. And what he needs is to go.

Knowing when to leave? It’s time. Congress. Over to you!