I woke up this morning to hear that Donald Trump tweeted a picture of a train running over an eScreen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.06.21 PMffigy of CNN. It was later taken down. An anonymous White House official tells CNN the retweet was “inadvertently posted.”

Excuse me, who has control of that account? I want to know! Who actually tweeted that tasteless, immature, rude image? I want to know!

The Washington Post reported “late Monday, Trump also retweeted a post of the Twitter account linked to right-wing provocateur Jack Posobiec, a Trump supporter known for fanning conspiracy theories, including the infamous “Pizzagate” rumors of child trafficking.”

Trump has said tweeting is his way of communicating with the public. But the fact is he does not use Twitter as a form of information dissemination. He uses Twitter to throw bombs. He uses Twitter as a ten-year-old bully would yell nasty things out his window at passersby, knowing full well no one can get in to retaliate. He uses Twitter to take cheap shots, insult, demean, degrade, brag, bully and humiliate.

What other POTUS would have sunk to this level of immature, mean spirited, divisive communication? The answer is none! Not one! Zip. Zero. Nada.

Not to get hysterical here, but if Trump did “inadvertently” tweet this Trump train nonsense, what else might he do “inadvertently?” Just who really does have control of the nuclear codes? Who can stop an “inadvertent” presidential fit of pique? One of those cannot be “taken down” once it is released.

With each day of this abomination called the “Trump Administration” we see our nation, our values and our morals dragged through the mud by its very own leader. We see the dregs of humanity encouraged to come out of the holes in the walls in which they live to bring hate and violence to our streets. We see a severe erosion of the progress we have made in civil rights, religious freedom and LGBT rights.

This reminds me of the third grade, when one disruptive child proceeded to interfere with all forms of education and decorum the teacher tried to maintain and he eventually had to be expelled and sent to a “special school.”

This presidency cannot be allowed to continue. And our Congress, on both sides of the aisle, likely knows it. All that’s needed here is the courage and the willingness to say “we are better than this” and “we will not suffer this mistake any longer.”

In their wisdom the framers provided for just such a situation. It is time Congress worried more about the future of this nation, than its own petty concerns about reelection and irking a small portion of its constituency. We depend on it. The state of our Union depends on it. Please share.