SAneIT SEEMS when I am feeling especially crazy from a week of Trumpian lunacy, I feel better when I write. And today I surely must write.

We, all of us, each of us who is not “one of them” has been feeling especially stressed of late because quite honestly, what’s going on in DC is nuts. We have lost our way because our leader has no map, no compass and no clue where he is going. Yet, he is taking a nation of 300+ million people, not to mention the world, along for a ride through a fun house where ugly images appear at every turn and where no one enters or exits laughing.

Putting aside all the legitimate issues at stake here, the economy, our collective health and welfare, science, technology, decency and civility, who has given this man, his vulgar family and his inept administration the right to consume us?

Each morning we awaken to a litany of horrible tweets, nasty comments, snotty sound bites and citations of the disturbed behavior our President has conjured up in the wee hours when his crazed mind cannot rest and when the weakest links of his damaged ego must gather their strength by forging new and more vile behaviors.

Who gave him this right to consume our every waking hour, our every front page, our every lead story, our every magazine cover, our very conscious and subconscious with his nonsense, his bile, his vitriol, his hate, his biased thinking and his sordid life style and ideology?

When did we all sign on to having this corrupt boor, this heathen, this base and repulsive knave, this failed husband, businessman and politician take away our ability to think clearly and freely and actually have a moment of peace of mind?

Donald Trump is not only a sad failure as a president, he is a tragic figure as a human being. Because of his deranged and distorted psyche, one that craves attention and adulation 24/7, our lives and our minds have been hijacked, kidnapped, stolen and sullied.

Daily newscasts, just weeks before Christmas, at any time really,  should not be filled with stories of name calling, race baiting, insults, threats, barbed retorts and ill will from a man who is supposed to be in a position to lead us to things better, more civil, kinder and gentler.

Perhaps worse, members of Congress who would tell you they are God fearing, decent, Americans who love this nation and honor its Constitution, have nonetheless decided that this lunatic-in-chief be allowed to say and do what he likes, common sense, decency and civility be damned. Is there NO moral limit, line, or barrier beyond which they will stop him when he crosses it? Have they no conscience that occasionally decides that what is moral, what is kind, what is fair and what is just for our nation takes precedence over partisan politics that allow a mentally unstable mistake to go unchallenged, unquestioned and unimpeached?

If now is not the time of year for men and women of good will to step up and stop this, then when is it time? Look at your children. Look at yourselves in the mirror. Really process what is going on here and stop the madness.

This cannot be a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a joyous Kwanzaa, a Happy New Year or any other magical time until the evil that leads us is purged and punished. It is time. And if America is the great country so many say it is, it will recognize the task ahead, take it on with courage and do the right thing, because in the end, the right thing is what America must do. And Congress must stand up and do it. Enough!