Allow me to rant about this latest shooting of an innocent black woman, 28 year old Atatiana Jefferson, in her OWN apartment, once again in Texas.

When I was a kid growing up in NYC I knew a lot of NYPD cops. My cousin was one of them. They mostly carried Smith and Wesson Model 10, 6 shot revolvers. Cops in those days used to brag that they “never fired their weapon in 20 years on the job.” Many would boast that they never had to PULL their weapon in the line of duty. Ever!

When did it suddenly become in vogue not only to pull one’s weapon, but to fire it almost instantly in any situation that might be the least bit dangerous?

Breaking news to cops! Your job is dangerous. You will face crazy people, violent people and also some very nice, normal people everyday. If you feel that the only way to manage dangerous situations is to pull and fire your weapon, quit now and find another line of work.

Police have at their disposal a veritable arsenal of tools to use long BEFORE they use deadly force. Let’s start with hands and fists, the nightstick, then mace, then the Taser. The LAST thing that should be pulled is a firearm. I watch Live PD and these cops pull their 9mm service weapons at the drop of a hat. I understand the job is dangerous but you are not supposed to be making life more dangerous for civilians while you protect yourselves.

I get it that bad guys want to get away from you and will often do what they need to do to make that escape. I also understand that you have a wife, a husband, kids, a family, a future that you would like to protect. BUT if you indiscriminately fire your weapon and shoot people who should not be shot, YOU will end up unemployed and in prison like Amber Guyger.

If you cannot stand the risks of policing, and that is totally understandable, and if pulling and firing your weapons is your first line of defense, then get out before you kill someone else who did nothing other than be black and in their own apartment when YOU came in and shit your pants.