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What This Election Was Really About



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Someone sent me an email with a friend’s thoughts on what this election was all about. I disagreed so vehemently, I decided to offer up what I think this election was really all about.

  • This election was the culmination of 8 years of racists despising every moment Barack H. Obama  occupied the White House. We elected a Black man, and then from day one, sought every way possible to thwart his success, question his birth and weaken his standing.
  • This election was the culmination of certain men AND certain women fearing strong, smart women … men fearing emasculation, women fearing other smart women because they might show them up.
  • This election was about people afraid of giving the LGBT community a chance to be part of us. It was about fear of those who are different, rather than embracing what about them is the same.
  • This election was about gun nuts worried that they might not be able to carry their .45 calibre penises on their belts in full view.
  • This election was about fearing those of other nations who have different beliefs, customs, clothes and religions. And then translating that fear into hateful actions against them.
  • This election was about trying to fault someone for jobs lost to technology, jobs that can never be reclaimed, no matter who is in power.
  • This election was about the haves, the haves less and the have nots. But what was not clear to the Trump supporters is that people like me, better off than my parents, will not see my children better off than me. We are all in the same boat. The globalization of our economy has caused profound changes that are not so easily solved.
  • This election was about seeking excuses to be mediocre, to be dumb, to be ignorant, to trash the intent of the Constitution, to hate, to reach deep in the soul and find the worst of one’s self and then put it on display.
  • This election was about avenging 9/11, still. Avenging it in pseudo-patriotic, jingoistic ways that can only perpetuate the very hatred for America that caused 9/11 in the first place.
  • This election was about America taking way too many steps backwards and dimming the light on the future.

As President Obama so elegantly said Wednesday, he will work with President-elect Trump to insure the orderly transfer power. I know that the Obama staff will do its best.

As for President-elect Trump, I can only hope that he is like me. I was never hired for a job I actually deserved. From my first commercial radio job in 1968, to my anchor job at ABC Radio in 1978, to the anchor slot at CNBC in 1989, I should never have been hired. I was not ready. And yet, I always grew into the job and ended up doing it well.

I trust that our soon-to-be new president, who already struck a more dignified tone on election night, will also grow into a job for which he was not qualified. He must and we must support that effort.

Your thoughts are welcome below.

Trump. Now What?

griefDonald Trump will be the next president of the United States. This is especially troublesome when this loud, bombastic, dishonest, thoughtless, crude nobody is compared to the grace, the poise, and the elegance that is Barack Obama.

Losing is never pleasant. But while many of us lost an election, we will not have lost everything, if we remember who we are, what we are all about and what we strive to be. Donald Trump cannot force us to be less than we are. He cannot force us to hate, force us to discriminate, force us to dumb down, force us to be anything we don’t wish to be.

We will be down in the dumps for a few days, but we must rise up, redouble our efforts to always do the right thing. Always eschew violence, hatred, discrimination in any form; eschew that which you know is wrong, which you know is not what you stand for and who you are. Donald Trump cannot do anything to you unless you allow him to.

In that context, make an extra effort to be kind to the less fortunate, the elderly, the sick, the emotionally and financially troubled. And make an extra effort to align yourself with local lawmakers who share your ideology and thoughts. Get involved in their work, volunteer at their offices, speak up on-line and in public. The loss of control you feel now, the sense of loss you feel now will go away, will get better, but the best way to speed that along is to get involved.

To my minority friends, my LGBTQ friends, women, people who rely on public health care assistance, I am sorry. I am sorry that America has apparently failed you. But we will manage, we will do better and indeed, we shall overcome this setback. Keep the faith.

Of course this is simplistic and somewhat shallow, but it made me feel better writing it; perhaps it will have made you feel better reading it.

Why NOT Trump

Like many, I feel powerless in the current election cycle. If I were still on the air, I might have some chance to make a difference with some tough interviews. Instead, I write here. The big day is here. Please read, absorb and share. Then do the right thing. 

notrumpThis is the LAST political comment I will publish before the election.  I want to be clear that my vituperative posts regarding Donald Trump in no way are intended to cast aspersions on the GOP as we knew it. Some of the smartest and best people in this country were and are Republicans. Perhaps one day we will go back to some sanity and a system where different points of view can be tolerated by all sides and where, perhaps, bits and pieces of each point of view can be melded into a framework that benefits us all, not into an environment where disagreement leads to gridlock and stalemate.

That said, there is NO way anyone can countenance the candidacy or the election of Donald Trump. His candidacy is not about improving America , it is about improving his self esteem, his own vision of himself. He is the synthesis of all that is wrong in our country and all that is wrong with the world. He is the end product of the dumbing down of America. He is the end product of a society that quietly closes an eye and winks at gay jokes and on-going discrimination, a society in which all too many people still use the “N” word to describe a president who is likely smarter and better educated than 99.7% of the nation. Trump is the end product of a society in which the freedom of speech is misunderstood to include bullying, race bating, hatred and pathological lying.

And let us be clear. There is nothing wrong with the sentiment among so many Republicans that it is time for an outsider to be brought in to Washington. But must that outsider also be a racist, misogynist, homophobe, liar, admitted philander and accused rapist with more than 5 business bankruptcies on the books and 75+ lawsuits against him pending? Is this the best outsider there is? Not yet our president, he has already failed as a person

The Founding Fathers would look at Donald Trump and likely tell you HE is precisely what they were trying to get away from when they came here, that HE is precisely why they carefully crafted a Constitution to outlaw the very behaviors that HE perpetrates on an hourly basis.

We cannot and most not elect Donald Trump, not because he is a Republican, but because he is a clear and present danger to the United States, to its economy, to its decency and to its way of life.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because he lies about everything including his intentions and because his statements are not borne out by his deeds. He claims to want a strong military, yet he mocks the very men and women who have served so nobly, while he stayed home with multiple bogus 4F classifications.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because his words and deeds fly in the face of the Bill of Rights. He eschews a free press, he tries to silence those who disagree with him. He speaks of jailing his opponent. He misunderstands and misapplies the right to bear arms and so on, amendment by amendment.

We cannot and must not elect Donald Trump because he remains a mystery to us. We have no idea of how much money he has earned, how much tax he has paid, what debts he might have to governments foreign and domestic, and we have no clarity on just where his allegiance lies.

In sum, regardless of his opponent, Donald Trump is unfit morally, ethically, intellectually and politically to assume the highest office in the land.

The GOP had ample chance to produce a candidate who might have provided viable competition to the Democrats. There were several GOP candidates, though not my first choice for the White House, with whom I could have lived comfortably, disagreeing perhaps with their ideas, but not with their decency or their humanity.

Take a moment to think today and tonight. Look at where we are on the world stage, look at how far we have come and how much we have to lose if we elect a vacuous, sleazy, side show barker from reality TV.

Donald Trump is a man, who at the very least, disrespects women and minorities of every kind. He flip flops on issues as the spirit guides him. We truly do NOT know what he supports or what he believes in. It depends on his audience at the moment and how his comments will reflect on the egg shell that is his ego.

In the minds of many trained and learned mental health professionals, Donald trump is unstable and certainly unpredictable. The damage he can do to our economy, our international standing, our ability to negotiate with allies and enemies, it’s all on the table And NO, he will NOT make American great again. He will make America a liability and a risk to all with whom we interact and to ourselves here at home.

We are better than that. We are smarter than that. We are Americans and it’s time we remembered that and acted on it.

As MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says, “This election is a pass/fail intelligence test.”  Will you pass?



Comey’s Big Nothing!

While Donald Trump and the GOP chill the champagne and Democrats clutch their pearls, from the vantage point of my suburban New York TV room, I think I know what’s going on here and it’…

Source: Comey’s Big Nothing!

Comey’s Big Nothing!

nothing3While Donald Trump and the GOP chill the champagne and Democrats clutch their pearls, from the vantage point of my suburban New York TV room, I think I know what’s going on here and it’s nothing.

The NY Times notes New emails tied to the F.B.I.’s Hillary Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting. Yes, exactly.

We know that these emails in question were not written by Hillary. We also know that Hillary aide Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, likely had access to that email server.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that in the context of reviewing the Weiner sexting case, investigators found some emails from Abedin to Weiner and perhaps from Weiner to Abedin having nothing to do with government business.  “Feed the baby. Take out the trash. Buy some milk.”  You get the point.

I will further go out on that limb and say that FBI Director James Comey, in an abundance of caution, released this information as it had something/anything to do with the Clinton server. Did he have political motives? You decide.

What we will find, in the fullness of time, and that better be quick with just 11 days till the election, is that this had nothing to do with Hillary at all, save the use of the server. And that server has already had her sing the Mea Culpa refrain over and over. We know, she knows, and we know that she knows that it was a bad idea from day one and she regrets having set it up.

So now what? Well now we hope that the GOP is not able to make hay out of what clearly is not grass. Had this been something of consequence, I would have been happy to look at it and rethink my support of Hillary. But as far as I can tell right now, it’s not and so I won’t.

Happy weekend?

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Why Am I Here?

We all have a voice. Some of us get to use it on radio or TV. Others get to use it in print. I am lucky enough to have been able to do all three.

Those who know me know I have no shortage of opinions. While social media are fine, they often limit space and are subject to constraints. Here I can speak my mind, share some thoughts and enjoy the luxury of space and time.

I hope you will check in often and that you will offer feed back when you think I have touched on a subject that touches you.

See you soon!



Why Hillary? Why Vote at All?

A good friend and very smart former TV colleague wrote for advice today. He said he was so disgusted by both candidates and that in light of recent WikiLeaks about the Clintons he was thinking of not voting for either presidential contender and voting only for down-ballot candidates. He asked if I thought that made sense. Here is what I told him.

For one thing, I have no idea about the veracity of the WikiLeaks material. I can tell you that a lawyer friend of mine said NONE of it would be admissible in court because there is ZERO chain of custody and it was obtained illegally and possibly altered.

More to the point, though, ALL politicians are sleaze bags in one form or another. If you look back at Jefferson he slept with a slave and had a child with her, Kennedy was a horn dog, LBJ had his dalliances and out-and-out lied to us about Viet Nam. Nixon was well,  Nixon. As  POTUS, Bill Clinton was pretty good. He made his share of mistakes, but when he left office we had a surplus and he had not screwed up any important relationships abroad.

The Clintons made so much money from their books and their speeches that taking a plane ride or getting a hotel room on the cuff was really nothing in the greater scheme of things. The millions they have, they made legitimately. The ratings for the Clinton Foundation equal that of the Red Cross and United way. 88 cents on the dollar go to the intended charity.

Bottom line, Trump is routinely called a psychopath. Literally. He MUST not be elected. MUST not be elected. The only way to prevent that is to vote for Hillary. She will not further weaken the economy, she will likely fix the ACA, she will give a damn about the less fortunate (Bernie will see to that), she is truly experienced on the world stage and commands respect, not snickers. As for her conniving BS, I really don’t care. I am aware of it and I don’t care. As someone said, you don’t have to like her. You can be sure that Trump is nuts and will mess up not just this country, but the world. He is mentally ill. He is easily taunted by tweets. Imagine what Kim Jongun, Duterte, Putin, alAsaad et al can do!

Sorry, but I will hold my nose and vote for her and hope you will as well. As for down ballot people, I will vote straight Democrat, which I don’t always do.  But in this case, until Trump is defeated and the White House is off his radar, I worry hourly about what kind of horrific mess he well create within days of sitting in the Oval Office. By Executive Order alone, he can begin to erode too much that is too important. We also have NO knowledge of what his relations have been or are now with Putin. Cannot risk that. That worries me far more than the WikiLeaks.

Finally, just look at who supports Trump and more importantly, look at who does NOT support trump. Not a single past POTUS! Look at all the people of stature, all the major newspapers that are supporting HRC. Even Republicans, like Colin Powell, have decided she is the best choice of the choices we have.

In sum, too many people died for our right to vote to throw out our vote either by not using it or using it in a manipulative way to target someone else. Until we clean house and set Congressional term limits and can get 535 people into the Congress who are there to do good and not line their pockets, don’t expect better on the Executive side.

So for now, vote for the one who will appoint the better SCOTUS justices, who will keep the economy stable, who will keep the markets stable by not doing crazy things to satisfy a teeny ego; vote for the person who will represent us well on the world stage; close an eye to the bullshit. It is everywhere. Not right, I know, but a fact of life. Yes, it is one that must be acknowledged and watched, but not used as the sole reason for NOT casting a vote or casting a “bank shot vote” aimed at someone else losing.

Long winded but I trust clear.


Another bright idea coming soon…

…Meanwhile enjoy a nice Fall picture!

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